About Last Night

Gratz to Baron von Swagger for putting on a terrific show last night @ the Flytrap Music Hall. It was a great time!

On that note, I had a bit too good of a time. See, I don't drink that often and I have realized that I haven't a clue where my limits are. I had about 12 beers and got sick. I hadn't really drank since LAST new years, and the same thing happened then...just on liquor instead.

I was told that I'm more fun sober. I'm not really sure that I understand that; when I'm tipsy/drunk, I feel that I talk more, am funnier, smile more, and am more friendly. I don't know if people are comparing my soberness to my "omg sick" phase or if I'm not seeing something. Anyone who has anything to add on this I'd like to know if you feel the same way or if you can shed some light on that. I'm perplexed.

In any case, it'll prolly be a long while before I drink again.
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