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Words Cannot Express

If you have any love for stringed music (the classical kind) please do yourself a favor and check out Vitamin String Quartet. I stumbled across them on iTunes and I have been blown away. They're a four-piece string cover band. They have albums up with music from everything to My Chemical Romance to Tool to Mars Volta to David Bowie. Some is better than other, but I'm listening to their version of Dig by Incubus and I have tears welling.

It may not be your thing, but I think classical music is absolutely beautiful. These many tracks bring old (and new) favorites into a new light for me.

I'm going to go be a girl now and fall asleep to classical music, trying to contain my emotions...



Time Travel

I'm a science fiction fan. Not really a nut, per se, like conventions and such...but a fan. My favorite type of sci-fi is time travel.

My favorite series in this vein is Back to the Future. Anyone that knows me knows what a fan I am; hell, I dressed as Marty (circa 1985) for Halloween last year. I have three model DeLoreans on a shelf in my living room, one version for each movie. Whenever I see a new film advertised that deals with time travel or something similar, I'm filled with an equal amount of dread and excitement. It can go so wrong...like with Timeline. Or, it can go well...like with the film I watched this evening, Frequency.

Frequency is one of my faves. It's not a true time travel movie, as a person doesn't travel to a different time period but through a ham radio an adult son talks to his father thirty years in the past. What starts as a good intention sets some things in motion that turns a father/son reuniter piece into a crime drama and suspense thriller. It plays with some conventions and ends up being a great little movie.

I've long sustained that Dennis Quaid is a better actor than he gets credit for and this was the first movie I saw Jim Caviezel in. I love the way the film wraps around itself and the
"dual real time" changes that occur and affect both time periods. I'm also a bit of a sucker for period pieces from the 60s and 70s (Zodiac was amazing.) so that doesn't hurt either.


No Country for Old Men

My favorite movie of last year just won a glut of Oscars.

Bravo, Coens.

More dreams

Man, I don't want to make this a habit but I figure if my dreams are particularly linear
(which is rare) or make an impression I'll post it

The first dream is fuzzy as I woke up earlier and slept again after. The first part of the dream was strange, it was very exaggerated and tongue-in-cheek....the universe of the dream was like that of a Will Farrell comedy. I don't know how to better explain it. However, I was driving real fast down a city street but I don't remember if it was a race with someone or if I was chasing someone. In either case, something went wrong. I lost control of the car and crashed into a building...and then there was an explosion. Fast forward two weeks and I'm walking towards my house...but it's a huge mansion in a busy part of the city. When I had wrecked the car, I had crashed into a business and actually gone not only through the glass front but the back wall as well and was ejected through the windshield. When the car exploded, I was not killed. But the news had reported I was dead. I had temporary amnesia from the shock and it took two weeks for me to come to my senses. I reach the front of the house and Indi is out there. She furrows her brow, gets up from her porch chair, and comes over. There's a caution in her voice as she tells me everyone thought I was dead. I am overjoyed to see her but this emotion is not returned. Indi says she moved on and is with someone else. I can get my things when she goes on a business trip in a few weeks, but she needs to get back. I stand there, crushed...and wake up.

I finally get back to sleep and dream that my brother and I find an old camcorder tape while we're at my grandma's house. We watch it and it's unfamiliar footage from a vacation (that never REALLY happened). Tyler and I are messing around in this house and Dad gets all upset and angry cause we're misbehaving. Tyler asks me to stop it as it's a little too intense for him. At this time my grandfather walks in...you know, the one that passed away in December. He is having a hard time walking, his hair is longer, and his hands are dirty...as if he had dug himself out. He stumbled over to his easy chair and sat down. Tyler looked at me and said, "You know, that doesn't weird me out as much as I thought it would." Then I woke up.

Man. I spent several hours at Night Trips last night (Happy Birthday Phylicia!) so you'd think I would have sexy dreams. No such luck.



Indi says I should keep a dream journal. Not too fond of writing, so I thought I'd post instead.

Backstory: I had to fire my first employee today. It didn't go well, as this representatve (we'll call her Prudence) had lulled herself into a false sense of security even though she wasn't meeting the goals that we'd been working on since November. My boss and I met with her and told her that's that, she starts to get upset and we walk her out into the front lobby. That's the short version, there's some arguing in there and such. I felt like I had failed as a manager because I was not able to turn her around and was in a bit of a crummy mood, although I didn't let anyone see it.

So in my dream tonight, it's right after all this happens. I'm sitting at a table in some second-floor lobby that doesn't really exist and notice this person is back in the building. I send a quick SMS to my boss as I'm helping a representative with a technical issue. Prudence sees my boss coming and hides...but he is smart. He gets to a certain point and hides as well. She sees that he has disappeared and continue to walk down the hall. My boss emerges and confronts her, as she cannot be on the premises. She breaks down and starts bawling, saying something about watching a movie in the break room. I stay out of it and continue to help the rep at the table I'm sitting at. Prudence is re-escorted back out. My boss comes back upstairs and comments on how ridiculous it is that security didn't shut off her badge, etc. Then I woke up.

Dunno what it means...if anything.

And now it's six AM, when I went to bed at around 2:00. I'd rather not sleep. Plus, I gotta buy Indi some Mars Volta tickets at 10:00 AM...they're coming to the Cain's and she's a huge fan.



I'm a customization freak.

I have a cell phone. Of course, most folks do these days. But I change my ringtone a lot. By a lot I'm talking weekly. Not just my regular ringtone, but my custom ringtones. For example, if Indi called me right now (which would be freaky, 'cause she's asleep) my phone would ring with the opening notes to Der Komissar by Falco. If my Dad called me, you'd hear the somber piano notes from the closing shot of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. If my brother called me, you'd hear the Level 1 theme from Super Smash TV, a SNES game we enjoyed playing co-op. I could go on. If those same people had called me last week, you'd hear Silent Hill music, Ennio Morricone, and the theme to Unsolved Mysteries in their place. I can't leave 'em alone.

I'm the same way with my user picture on MySpace. Changing it all the time. I have an IM client at work that supports avatars. Changed weekly. I wear a different belt buckle every day. Once I have my clothes picked out and on my person, I decide what jacket I'm going to wear. It's madness.

However, back to my first example...I'm a bit of a ringtone freak. I make my own using mp3's, NSF (NES Sound File) clips, and other resources. Edited properly in Adobe Audition, of course. Balanced for sound. And finally transferred to my phone via Bluetooth. My memory card on my Nokia has not yet begun to hold the amount of random tones that it will eventually.

I think everyone is a little crazy. I'm a bit OCD (more at some times than others) and can sometimes spend hours at this computer perfecting sound. Editing out a chorus or merging two music clips together. I don't like words in my ringtones, so sometimes it's dropping vocals or trying to clip just the right part of a song that will repeat nicely.

I find myself hearing a bit of a song and think to myself, "That would make a great ringtone." Or I'm lying in bed and I must get up and make a change to my handset. Then I end up typing about it.


Of work and things

I work from 11:30 to 8:30 Monday thru Friday.

Indi works 8-5.

Some mornings (like this morning) it's hard for me to get back to sleep when Indi leaves. I didn't get to bed till about 2:00, thanks to a hilarious Rifftrax and the company of my buddy Brad. I've tried to take a nap before going to work but I'm not -quite- tired enough to go back to sleep. My body simply won't let me. I hate that. Lots. 'Cause I know around lunch time at work I'm going to be in terrible, terrible shape. And the coffee at work now sucks, so that is not an option.

Obama picked up another win yesterday, two actually. Not unexpected, but still pleasant to see. Ohio and Texas are the next targets and hopefully he wins those as well and the Democratic nomination is all sewn up. I'm tired of the bickering.

Work is going to get busy - real busy. Not sure what the immediate future holds, but there are a lot of spinning plates and all signs point to them crashing down and me having to work 12 hr days 6 days a week. I don't like that. Salary = no OT.

Meh. No real point to this post, 'cept just passing time before I head on into work. Perhaps I will stop by Sonic, that sounds good. Breakfast always sounds good. But you knew that.


Across the Universe

had the opportunity to watch this on DVD last night with my wife and a good friend of ours who just so happens to be a gigantic Beatles fan. In short, it was an amazing and unique experience that I am sad to think I can never 'see this for the first time' again.

First off, let me say I'm no fan of musicals. The only musical-esque movie I watch of my own volition is the Blues Brothers, and I don't think it counts. That being said, this is TRULY a musical and it has a very Moulin Rouge musical setup in that popular songs are used as the outline for the story. It has some amazing acting and some truly well-done musical sequences.

This was directed by Julie Tamor, who is also responsible for the Broadway version of The Lion King and the Anthony Hopkins film Titus, based on Shakespeare. She has a unique visual creativity that gets to shine in this movie. Definitely not for everyone but worth at least one viewing. Be on the lookout for an outstanding cameo from Bono and a great one from Eddie Izzard as well.


How to subscribe to my blog

So I'm new to this whole Blogger universe and the top annoying thing was there is no easy "hey, subscribe to this blog" link. But it isn't that difficult at all.

Blogger entries can be added to RSS feeds, the easiest to use is Google Reader. If you have a Gmail account, it's even easier. When you're logged into Gmail, at the top of the window there's a long list of other Google services. If you go to 'more' there is a link for Reader. Once you're there, of course, you can bookmark it.

Now, on the left hand side is a link that is labeled 'Add subscription'. All you gotta do is type the link to my blog and presto, and new posts show up there! If you have other Blogger folks you want to keep track of, you can add them too. Easy as pie! Piece of cake.

Batman: Gotham Knight

Before The Dark Knight is released into theaters, a 6-episode animated DVD is being released similar to the Animatrix. It has six different animators/writers. And it looks amazing.


Ramblin' Gamblin' Man

So here I am, sitting at the Waffle House and enjoying my favorite meal in the world: breakfast. It’s warm back here in the corner and my hash browns are perfect. So why am I upset?

Well, I can see it right out the window. Cherokee Nation Casino is right next door. I cannot properly express how much I dislike gambling. However, I fully realize that I am in the minority and that a lot of people enjoy it. All I have to do is look at all the construction and how nice the facility is to see how much people love to gamble. They’re making money hand over fist in there.

My wife loves to gamble. She has frequently said it is the only thing she really likes to do. This has created the big strife point in our marriage. I personally feel that any money spent at the casino is simply thrown away. Well, if I look at that logically, wouldn’t the same thing apply to playing a round of golf? Perhaps going to the strip club is closer. You’re spending money on something and walk away with no physical “thing” to show for it. It’s purely personal enjoyment.

Is it personal? I can’t gamble because I get mad when I lose. How come that guy over there with the smelly t-shirt just won $10,000? He didn’t earn it. I have just as much luck as him. So I recognize that I cannot gamble due to the fact that I get upset. But my hackles raise anytime someone mentions going…especially those that are close to me. It’s not MY decision, nor would I want to impose my beliefs on others. I don’t like the way I act.

I get downright mean. They’re going to take your money! They’re in business to swindle you! You’ll go in wanting to spend $20 and end up having to put groceries on the credit card! And every time you lose, you’ll want to go back to make it up! Hellfire! Brimstone! The end is near! Where is my cat of nine tails? Out!

I’ve been doing a lot of self-examination lately and realize I’m not as nice of a person as I like to think of myself. I have a lot of flaws that I intentionally glaze over and hope that if I don’t pay attention to them, no one else will either. God bless Indi, for any time that she brings up the casino I have the capability of flying off the handle. I don’t wanna be that guy.

It’s also very telling that I get the urge to write when I’m feeling strong emotion. So much of my life is bland and even-keeled that I sometimes cannot control the strong feelings when they surface. I heard on NPR the other day a guy that was talking about the positive health benefits of a good cry. Lately, when I’m watching a movie or something, and I feel emotional, I tend to get choked up over the smallest thing. It’s like I have all of this under the surface and my body is aching to have a reason to get it all out. Naturally, if the emotion happens to be anger, it gets a little extra juice too.

Perhaps when I finish my bacon here I’ll go home and put in Big Fish. That’s the big gun for me, that’ll get me crying like Nancy Kerrigan. Perhaps if I attend church this weekend I’ll bust open because I’ll realize that no matter how poor of a Christian I’ve been, God is waiting for me to come home and will welcome me with open arms. I don’t deserve that.

Bad Dates

On May 22nd, Indiana Jones will once again grace the silver screen.

And yes, silver screen is appropriate. Harrison Ford is in his Centrum days. There hasn't been an Indiana Jones motion picture since 1989. That's 19 years without the fedora and bullwhip. Plus they added a kid in Shia Lebouf. Yes, Karen Allen is returning as Marion. Yes, Steven Spielberg is directing. I'm optimistic, but there are a lot of variables.

The trailer is now online. A quick Google search will turn it up. There is some self-awareness in the movie about Harrison's age...which I welcomed. As long as it doesn't go overboard, some of that HAS to be in there. For all the good qualities that Spielberg brings to the table, George Lucas tends to cancel out much greatness. See: Prequel Trilogy.

I'll be there opening weekend. I don't feel as psyched about it as I am about Batman. Or Iron Man, really. Perhaps as time gets closer the 8-yr-old that saw Last Crusade in the theater will return. Hopefully I won't have to revert the ol' noggin to 8-yrs-old to enjoy the film.



You mean I can send pictures directly from my phone? I'm in trouble now!

First Post!

So because MySpace continually eats my posts and says, "Sorry, this error that happens all the time was completely unexpected and we're so very sorry. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200. Whatever you were writing was not important anyway." I've decided to start posting here.

Why Blogspot?

Honestly, I typed 'blog' in Google and this was the first blog that showed up. Plus I recognize the icon, so I know I've seen it around. Also, it's associated with Google. Yep. I'm a slave to commercialization.

So, what DID I write down earlier tonight?

Well, for starters, my jaw is still in quite a bit of agony. I had my wisdom teeth removed a week from yesterday and although I'm off the heavy pain meds (hooray for clarity!) I still need to take four ibuprofen about three times a day. Unfortunately, by the time I realize I'm hurting again, it swells to unsleepable proportions and I have to wait till it takes effect. So here I sit.

Fargo is a good movie, but I can't exactly say why. I watched it tonight after election coverage and it was like having a beer with an old friend. The characters in the movie are ridiculous, but in a real-world nothing-ever-makes-sense kind of way. I feel like I know those people. Indi says the movie makes her feel hopeless, but I don't see it that way. The absurd dark comedy that is life looks just like that.

Anyway...I dunno what else was lost in the MySpace void. I'm off to find easy-to-use tools for this thing.