How to subscribe to my blog

So I'm new to this whole Blogger universe and the top annoying thing was there is no easy "hey, subscribe to this blog" link. But it isn't that difficult at all.

Blogger entries can be added to RSS feeds, the easiest to use is Google Reader. If you have a Gmail account, it's even easier. When you're logged into Gmail, at the top of the window there's a long list of other Google services. If you go to 'more' there is a link for Reader. Once you're there, of course, you can bookmark it.

Now, on the left hand side is a link that is labeled 'Add subscription'. All you gotta do is type the link to my blog and presto, and new posts show up there! If you have other Blogger folks you want to keep track of, you can add them too. Easy as pie! Piece of cake.
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