Across the Universe

had the opportunity to watch this on DVD last night with my wife and a good friend of ours who just so happens to be a gigantic Beatles fan. In short, it was an amazing and unique experience that I am sad to think I can never 'see this for the first time' again.

First off, let me say I'm no fan of musicals. The only musical-esque movie I watch of my own volition is the Blues Brothers, and I don't think it counts. That being said, this is TRULY a musical and it has a very Moulin Rouge musical setup in that popular songs are used as the outline for the story. It has some amazing acting and some truly well-done musical sequences.

This was directed by Julie Tamor, who is also responsible for the Broadway version of The Lion King and the Anthony Hopkins film Titus, based on Shakespeare. She has a unique visual creativity that gets to shine in this movie. Definitely not for everyone but worth at least one viewing. Be on the lookout for an outstanding cameo from Bono and a great one from Eddie Izzard as well.
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