My List

Indi has a List. I do not have a List.

The 'List' is a group of celebrities that, if presented the opportunity, one would throw themselves at unmercifully. Growing up, I never really had the hots for any celebs. I think plenty of people are attractive, but I guess I'd never been -hit- by a bolt of lightning by anyone. When I learned that Indi had a list, at first I was surprised/apalled because I could not relate, but over time have grown to appreciate it and don't take it as hard line as I first did.

All that to say, only RECENTLY have I opened myself up to the concept of a list, but still haven't found anyone that I felt was truly suitable.

Until now.

Carah Faye Charnow of Shiny Toy Guns is teh hotness~ Only I don't think I should call mine 'The List'. That's taken. Perhaps the book. She's going in the book. Yeah, that'll work.
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